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How to Protect yourself before you enrol in any course

Protect yourself – our handy “how to” article

One of the biggest questions we are asked and what trips up alot of potential students, is making sure the RTO is right for you….. so here is a guide to help you ‘Protect yourself’.

1. What is an RTO?

A Registered Training Organisation (RTO), in Australia, is an organisation providing Vocational Education and Training (VET) to students, resulting in qualifications or statements of attainment that are recognised and accepted by industry and other educational institutions throughout that particular state/territory.

The RTO should always display its RTO Code for example: Advance-Forward RTO45256

2. If a code is not displayed then how can a student identify if the organisation is an approved and current registered training organisation?

To check if an RTO is current simply head to

Select National Register of VET, and quick search the RTO code or name

Status should always say CURRENT if it doesn’t ask why.

3. Check SCOPE

Check what the RTO is approved to train, assess & deliver (SCOPE) and what states or territory’s the qualification or statement of attainment will be recognised in the top tabs.

Can the RTO deliver training in your state/territory? If they can not deliver to that state or territory then their training will not be recognised there.

4. Is the trainer qualified?

Does the trainer have a valid and up to date Training and Assessment qualification?  Always ask the trainer if they do. Their qualification should be clearly displayed on the training premises.

If you are taking part in a security course the trainer is required to hold a valid security license for the units they are training. Check your trainers license here ….

ALWAYS ASK! A legitimate registered training organisation will be able to answer all these questions immediately and be happy to provide evidence to you.

This is for your safety as the student.

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