Section: Policies

Advance Forward

Anti-discrimination and Anti-harassment policies at Advance Forward

Advance-Forward is committed to ensuring that our facility is free from discrimination and harassment. All Advance-Forward staff members are aware that discrimination and harassment will not be tolerated under any circumstances. The causes and forms of harassment are wide-ranging and complex. The same behaviour which may be inoffensive to one person can be offensive and […]

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Advance Forward Refund Policy

If you wish to apply for a refund of your course the following policy will apply: FACE TO FACE TRAINING You provide Advance-Forward with 7 (seven) days written notice prior to the commencement of your course. This will allow you to apply for a full refund less your deposit paid You provide Advance-Forward with written […]

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Advance Forward – Complaints

Advance-Forward is committed to providing a fair and transparent complaints policy that includes access to an independent external body if necessary. If you wish to make a complaint please discuss the issue you with to complain about with your trainer. If you are not satisfied with your trainers response or do not feel comfortable approaching […]

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